Hong Kong actor Lee Lung-kei rushes back to Hong Kong to visit imprisoned fiancée Chris at Tai Lam Centre for Women

Lee Lung-kei (left) and Chris Wang (Right).

21st February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actor Lee Lung-kei, aged 73, hurriedly returned to Hong Kong today, making his way to the Tai Lam Centre for Women to visit his fiancée, Chris Wang. Chris is currently in custody facing a total of six charges, including two counts of violating the conditions of her stay and allegations of forging documents related to two educational institutions.

Lee Lung-kei, driven by his commitment to support his fiancée, has been constantly adjusting his plans. Not only did he change his travel arrangements, opting for a direct train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong this morning, but he also received a notification from the Correctional Services Department instructing him to complete identity verification procedures at the Tai Lam Centre for Women before noon today, facilitating a timely reunion with his beloved fiancée.

The charges against Chris Wang, Lee’s fiancée, stem from alleged violations of her stay conditions and the alleged fabrication of documents pertaining to two educational institutions. These serious accusations have resulted in her current detention.