Hong Kong actor Edwin Siu and actress Priscilla Wong embark on an impromptu trip to Italy

    Edwin Siu

    12th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Renowned Hong Kong actor Edwin Siu and actress Priscilla Wong have been acquainted for a decade and happily married for six years. Their enduring love and affection continue to captivate fans, who often catch glimpses of their blissful post-marriage life through their online posts. Recently, the couple delighted their followers by sharing photos from their spontaneous trip to Italy on social media.

    The shared pictures showcased an array of delectable cuisines, tantalising viewers with their mouthwatering appeal. Edwin teasingly remarked, “Our journey of indulgence in Italy has officially begun. She’s amazing! The squares are packed with people, but she managed to capture only me.”

    Interestingly, it was revealed that all of Edwin’s photos were skilfully taken by his wife, Priscilla. Upon the release of these pictures, their close friend, Priscilla’s fellow artist Sharon Chan, left a heartfelt comment, stating, “Because she only has eyes for you.” The sweetness overflowed! Priscilla, in response, casually mentioned, “Without overthinking it, I randomly bought a plane ticket and came here with him. Good afternoon from Italy.”