Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen’s daughter, Jasmine Yen, makes a splash in the music industry with her debut Chinese single

    Jasmine Yen

    5th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Jasmine Yen, the daughter of renowned Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen, has officially embarked on her musical journey. Following the release of her previous English singles, “idk” and “tbh,” Jasmine has now unveiled her first full Chinese single titled “Inertia Stubbornness”. Through her heartfelt vocals, she explores the delicate balance between dreams and reality, with lyrics that resonate deeply within her. Jasmine shares, “There’s a line in the chorus that goes: ‘Casually overlook fear / Pretending to be strong / The smart fool.’ Before my debut, I had never let anyone hear the songs I wrote myself, so I was always worried. It was nerve-wracking for everyone to hear my original compositions for the first time after my debut. In front of everyone, I pretended to be confident, so these two lines of lyrics really moved me.”

    Jasmine’s talent shines through in her musical endeavours. Though she may not consider herself naturally stubborn, her pursuit of music showcases her unwavering determination. She explains, “I’m quite casual when it comes to other things like clothes, food, or friends, but when it comes to my music, I have a stubbornness that comes naturally. I always have my own opinions and ideas, so when I create songs, I always hope to complete them in my own way.” She also shares her experience of performing for the first time, recalling her nervousness before taking the stage at a new song release event in Singapore. She confesses, “I’ve always loved performing since I was young, so when I thought about performing publicly, I felt moved and even shed some tears. But I managed to hold them back and not let them show. When I stepped onto the stage, I pretended that everything was fine and portrayed strength. Gradually, I relaxed and sang, but my heart was always pounding. In reality, I get very nervous before every performance, but my parents and aunts always say that I don’t look nervous. Deep down, I’m actually extremely anxious. I guess this is my little stubbornness in front of family and friends!”

    In the process of shooting her music video, Jasmine fearlessly ventured into a lake despite scorching hot weather. This experience presented her with numerous first-time challenges. She recalls, “We filmed during the summer, and the weather was extremely hot. We were under the sun the whole time, and I had to wear a thick blue sweater. I was sweating profusely, but I had to maintain the emotional state of stubbornness. I didn’t feel the heat at all! However, because of the intense heat, I was already sweating, and I was also wearing leather shoes and socks, making my feet sticky. Despite that, there was a scene where I had to slowly and calmly walk into the water. Some people might think the lake water was a bit murky, but the scenery was beautiful. Getting into the water was actually quite refreshing and comfortable, and I even wanted to fully immerse myself. However, at that moment, the director called for a stop and said it was enough.” Jasmine also reveals that her younger cousin plays the role of a little girl in the music video.