Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok wins Best Actor Award for his performance in “I’m Livin’ It”, “G Affairs” wins special jury mention at London East Asia Film Festival


6th November 2019 – (London) Celebrated Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok won the Best Actor Award for his performance in “I’m Livin’ It”, while the Hong Kong film “G Affairs” won a special jury mention at the closing gala of the London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF) 2019 on November 3 (London time).

This is the fourth consecutive year that the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London (London ETO) partnered with LEAFF to feature a Hong Kong programme amongst the East Asian films shown in the Festival.

 This year, the Hong Kong programme showcased a total of nine Hong Kong films, including a special series of films starring Aaron Kwok, namely “After This Our Exile; Port of Call”, “Cold War” and the closing film of the Festival, “I’m Livin’ It”, as well as two productions made respectively by young directors Oliver Chan and Lee Cheung-Pan with the support of the Hong Kong Film Development Fund: “Still Human” and “G Affairs”.

Aaron Kwok came to London to hold Q&A sessions with the audience at LEAFF after the screenings of “Cold War” and “I’m Livin’ It”, accompanied in the latter by the film’s director Wong Hing-fan.  Director Lee Cheuk-pan also held a Q&A session with the audience after the screening of “G Affairs”, which was commended by the jury for its audacious and innovative writing and direction. The Festival also featured the films “European Raiders”, “Three Husbands” and “Butterfly”.  

 Speaking at the closing gala screening, the Director-General of the London ETO, Miss Winky So highlighted Hong Kong’s success in film-making.  “The Festival featured altogether 60 films from 11 economies.  I am proud to note that nine of them were Hong Kong movies.  The collection aptly showcased the vibrant creativity of the Hong Kong film industry, and the boldness of our new film makers in exploring different film genres.” 

 Running from October 26 to November 3 (London time), LEAFF 2019 presented a diverse programme of films from 11 economies in East Asia, including South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and China.  More information on the festival can be found at: www.leaff.org.uk.