Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong out of jail and he is adamant against extradition bill


17th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong was released today after being imprisoned for 2 months for contempt of court. It was unclear whether the move to free him was linked to the Black Sunday March as his release was one month earlier.

Organizers announced that almost 2 million people had participated in the street march to protest against extraditions to mainland China.

Joshua told media reporters today that he regretted for not able to partake in the week-long protests with fellow Hong Kongers. He emphasised that the government should withdraw the anti-extradition act and Carrie Lam should resign with immediate effect.

In his euphoria, Joshua is convinced that Hong Kongers could finally defeat the government. He again pressurised the government to stop prosecuting protestors to prevent further retaliations from the society.

Moments after Joshua Wong stepped out from jail this morning. Picture credit : HK01photo