Honduran police arrest drug cartel leader wanted by U.S.


Xinhua News

16th May 2022 – (Tegucigalpa) Honduran police have captured , leader of a drug trafficking group for whom the United States had offered a 5-million-U.S.-dollar reward, the Honduran National Police reported Sunday.

The police said on social media that the arrest occurred after an “intense confrontation” between officers and alleged drug traffickers in a mountainous area of the northern Colon department.

During the operation, Bobadilla’s son, Tito Montes Bobadilla, also wanted by the U.S., was killed.

In 2019, the U.S. sentenced another member of the family, Noe Montes Bobadilla, to 37 years in prison.

The Montes Bobadilla cartel, one of the largest in Honduras, was created in the 1990s, and it allegedly manages a drug trafficking network that extends through Colombia, Central America, Mexico to the United States.