Homie Food & Dessert Limited files lawsuit against ABOUTHAI over unpaid debts of more than HK$100,000

Mike Lam

2nd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) ABOUTHAI (HONG KONG) LIMITED, owned by Mike Lam who has turned prosecution witness after being charged with conspiring to subvert state power in connection with the 2020 LegCo primaries, has been hit with a lawsuit over unpaid debts. Homie Food & Dessert Limited, the company behind the local instant soup dumpling brand “Homiefood soup,” filed a lawsuit in the district court yesterday (June 1st), claiming that ABOUTHAI owes them approximately HK$100,000 in unpaid debts and related costs and interest.

According to the court documents, the two companies signed a written contract on 1st March, 2023, in which Homiefood Soup delivered refrigerated food to ABOUTHAI for sale. However, ABOUTHAI failed to pay the outstanding balance of approximately HK$100,000 for the April shipment before the payment deadline in mid-May. Despite requests for payment, ABOUTHAI has yet to repay the debt, prompting Homiefood Soup to file a lawsuit to recover the funds.

Last month, Homiefood Soup also filed a lawsuit against ABOUTHAI, alleging that the company had failed to pay an outstanding debt of approximately HK$200,000 for the March shipment. The lawsuits against ABOUTHAI come at a time when the company’s owner, Mike Lam, has been in the news for turning prosecution witness in the 2020 LegCo primaries case.