Hollywood actress Michelle Yeoh’s castle-like mansion in Geneva: A perfect reflection of her sophisticated lifestyle

    Michelle Yeoh and her partner Jean Todt.

    5th June 2023 – (Geneva) Michelle Yeoh, the Oscar winner who took home the Best Actress award at the 95th Academy Awards, has shifted her focus to the European and American markets. Despite being a frequent flyer, she and her partner, former Ferrari CEO Jean Todt, have settled down in a castle-like mansion in Geneva, Switzerland. The overall style of the mansion combines classical and modern elements, with details that reflect their exquisite taste.

    The couple’s current residence in Geneva was transformed from an 18th-century building, with special preservation of the original features of the castle during the renovation. The interior decoration is luxurious, resembling a palace, while exuding a strong artistic atmosphere. The arched floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room not only ensure excellent lighting but also employ a simple design with a predominant color scheme of beige and wood, conveying an elegant yet straightforward vibe.

    Their study room features deep green walls with a historical feel, paired with dark brown mahogany furniture, creating an imposing and stable atmosphere. The room also displays a Ferrari racing helmet and a photo of Todt with F1 racing champion Schumacher, as well as memorabilia from Yeoh’s past film projects. Although the living room is classical and elegant, and the study room is vintage and stable, Yeoh’s kitchen in her Geneva mansion is super modern, with a black and white colour scheme, clean lines, complete kitchen tools, and large windows on both sides that provide ample natural light.

    Meaningful photos and memorabilia of Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt are displayed inside the house.

    Overall, the mansion’s decoration reflects the couple’s taste and style, combining elements of antiquity and modernity. The couple’s residence in Geneva is a perfect reflection of their sophisticated lifestyle, with a touch of luxury and elegance in every corner.