HKU law professor accused of fraudulently obtaining housing subsidies involving over HK$720,000 released on bail

Alice Lee

24th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has recently charged a law professor of the Faculty of Law at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) with fraud for allegedly falsely claiming to comply with regulations related to applying for housing subsidies. The accused, 54-year-old Alice Lee, is alleged to have defrauded the university out of more than HK$720,000.

According to the ICAC, Lee is alleged to have made false representations to the university between 29th October, 2019, and 31st October, 2021. She is accused of falsely claiming to have complied with the regulations and rules governing the approval of housing subsidies for self-rental, and intentionally inducing HKU to reimburse her rent, levies, and management fees amounting to HK$722,400. She is charged with one count of fraud.

Lee was granted bail of HK$50,000 at Eastern Law Courts this morning, with the condition that she remains in Hong Kong and does not interfere with the prosecution’s witnesses. One of the witnesses is reported to be close to her at work. She will appear in court on 13th April, when the case will be transferred to the district court for mention.

According to reports, Lee joined the HKU Faculty of Law in August 1992 and first applied for a housing subsidy for a unit in Kowloon in October 2005. She subsequently renewed her application every two years. Applicants for housing subsidies are required to declare that they agree to comply with the regulations and rules governing the approval of subsidies, including the rules for occupation.

Lee has not yet responded to the charges against her.