HKU Business School investigates allegations of fake qualifications in postgraduate enrolments


21st May 2024 – (Hong Kong) HKU Business School is currently conducting a thorough investigation following allegations that some students used falsified academic records to enrol in its self-financed master’s programmes. This probe was initiated after online claims surfaced from mainland Chinese netizens, who pointed to potential academic fraud among the enrolled students.

The controversy started when it was revealed that a student suspected of plagiarism and previous disciplinary issues was asked to submit an official undergraduate transcript. The university’s request came as suspicions arose about the student’s academic ability. Unable to provide the necessary documentation on time, the university widened its investigation to encompass the entire HKU Business School, impacting around 200 students who were asked to submit their academic records by the 5th of this month.

The faculty discovered that a “very small number” of applications included fraudulent documents. Immediate measures were taken, including the launch of a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the full extent of the irregularities. The school has identified that some recruitment agencies were falsely guaranteeing admissions through the creation of counterfeit application documents.

The HKU Business School has expressed its resolve to take severe actions against those found guilty of submitting forged documents. Measures may include disqualification from enrolment and annulment of student registration. Furthermore, the university has stated its intention to collaborate with law enforcement to prosecute the involved intermediaries.

Sources within the university report that if evidence firmly establishes the involvement of recruitment agencies in these fraudulent activities, legal actions will be pursued to ensure accountability. The university is committed to maintaining the integrity of its admission process and upholding academic standards. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges universities face in safeguarding their admissions processes from fraudulent activities.