HKTVmall under fire by customers for unsustainable packaging practices

The items are always packed individually in separate boxes regardless of their sizes.

1st June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s largest 24-hour online shopping mall, HKTVmall, is facing criticism from customers and environmental groups for its unsustainable packaging practices. While the government is actively promoting green living and encouraging the public to reduce waste, the company’s excessive use of packaging materials is causing damage to the environment.

HKTVmall claims to provide a “one-stop shop” service that includes online shopping, warehousing, digital advertising, promotions, and delivery services. However, customers are complaining that the company uses excessive amounts of boxes and packaging materials, including plastics, to pack individual items in separate boxes.

Many customers are shocked by the amount of waste generated by HKTVmall, and some are calling for the company to be more socially responsible. In contrast, overseas online companies like iHerbs pack all orders in a single box to reduce waste.

The excessive use of packaging materials not only generates more waste but also contributes to the depletion of natural resources. According to the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), Hong Kong has limited landfill space, and the city’s waste disposal capacity is reaching its limit. The EPD is actively building a new community recycling network, including Recycling Stations, Recycling Stores, and Recycling Spots, to reduce waste and promote sustainable living.

Unlike HKTVmall, international online companies such as iHerbs use minimal packaging and pack all items in a single box to reduce resource waste.

HKTVmall’s unsustainable packaging practices are also contributing to the global plastic pollution crisis. Single-use plastic packaging is a major contributor to plastic waste, which is harming wildlife and polluting the oceans.

A netizen sent a picture which shows the amount of boxes and plastics used for one order.