HKTVmall faces backlash on Facebook over alleged payment delays and contract modifications

Ricky Wong

22nd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Facebook page of HKTVmall, an online shopping platform, has been flooded with numerous comments accusing the company of failing to make timely payments to merchants and pressuring them to fulfil orders while demanding that Ricky Wong, chairman and founder of Hong Kong Television Network, resolve the payment issues. Some comments also criticised HKTVmall for secretly modifying contract terms, resulting in merchants unknowingly renewing their contracts.

In response to inquiries from local media, HKTVmall stated that the group’s financial condition is robust and it has been disbursing payments according to the contracts. The company further clarified that the renewal arrangements have been in place for some time and are not newly introduced measures.

Screenshots of the comments reveal a number of individuals identifying themselves as merchants, branding HKTVmall as an “unscrupulous company” and accusing it of deceptive practices. However, there have been suspicions raised by netizens regarding the uniformity of the comments and the possibility of them being posted by fake accounts. HKTVmall’s social media team responded to the comments, advising merchants to fill out the MCS form to seek further clarification on orders and financial matters. They assured that relevant colleagues would promptly address the inquiries or merchants could provide their business names and IDs via inbox, which would be forwarded to the appropriate account managers for follow-up.

Regarding the contract issue, HKTVmall explained that since the frequency of payment collection varies for each merchant, the contract specifies that payments will be made after the issuance of the billing cycle report. The last day of each month serves as the deadline, and the finance department typically disburses the cycle report and payments to merchants within 10 to 15 working days after the deadline, via email.

Regarding contract renewals, HKTVmall stated that the contract stipulates merchants must submit a termination request three months prior to the contract’s expiration. For the first year of joining, HKTVmall sends a reminder notification about the renewal arrangements three months before the contract ends. However, for the second year and onwards, the contract automatically renews.

HKTVmall emphasized that the settlement and payment disbursement processes, as well as the renewal arrangements, have been in place for a considerable period and are not recent additions. The merchant service team is committed to addressing merchant inquiries and concerns to the best of their abilities.