HK’s Bob Lam’s controversial stand-up comedy triggers backlash from Mainland netizens

    Bob Lam

    22nd September 2023 – (Zhongshan) Renowned Hong Kong artist Bob Lam, known for his luxurious lifestyle, has been making headlines recently as his family continues to upgrade their residence in Kowloon Tong. With hard work and smart investments, Bob’s success has allowed them to move into a lavish mansion. However, his recent stand-up comedy performance in the Mainland has stirred up controversy and faced criticism from netizens, sparking yet another round of controversy following the JPEX incident.

    Last year, Bob Lam made headlines when he attended the opening ceremony of the recently raided virtual currency over-the-counter exchange Coiner as a guest of honour. Now, it seems that Bob’s comedic antics have caught the attention of Mainland netizens, as some of them attended his stand-up comedy show in Zhongshan and shared clips on social media.

    During one segment, Bob openly expressed his preference for curvaceous women, sharing a photo of his wife, dressed in a bikini. Bob humorously stated, “When I was studying, my classmates were all attracted to slim and fit women like Faye Wong and Sammi Cheng. But not me. I like Jenny Tseng and Maria Cordero, I genuinely prefer that type!”

    Bob continued to entertain the audience by reminiscing about his collaborations with voluptuous women in the entertainment industry. He shared a photo with Mak Ling-ling, known for her larger figure, and teased, “She’s covering her heart with her hand. Do you know how scandalous she can be?” Bob also brought back laughter and applause from the crowd when he showed a photo of himself passionately kissing his co-star May Chan Ka-Kai.

    However, Bob’s jokes didn’t sit well with some mainland netizens, who criticised his content as overly explicit. Comments flooded in, stating, “All his jokes are vulgar, nothing else,” “He lacks creativity and can only rely on dirty jokes,” and “Maybe Bob is better suited as a host rather than a comedian.” Some even compared his performance unfavourably to the renowned comedian Dayo Wong, saying, “There’s a world of difference between Bob’s comedy and Dayo Wong’s. It’s not funny at all, just personal attacks and explicit content.” Nevertheless, another video clip showed Bob engaging in a hilarious exchange with a young male audience member about their fantasies in the bedroom, earning him praise from some viewers. It seems that Bob’s jokes have elicited mixed reactions.