Hong Kong influencer sparks controversy with revealing outfits at MTR Quarry Bay Station

Picture source: Instagram/Yvonneclose

6th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Recently, a trend has emerged in Hong Kong where women are dressing in revealing outfits and walking around public places, including the MTR, streets, and restaurants. These women are drawing attention for their extremely short shorts that barely cover their private parts.

One such woman, who has been identified as a social media influencer, has been spotted in public wearing revealing outfits that show off her curvaceous figure. She frequently posts pictures and videos of herself in skimpy clothing online, often in outdoor locations, and has even been seen performing provocative acts.

Unlike other women who have been seen in public wearing revealing clothing, this influencer named Yvonne wears a long coat that covers her thighs before revealing her see-through lingerie. In one video, she can be seen standing with her back to the camera at the MTR Quarry Bay station, lifting her shirt to reveal her bra in a daring move. In another video, she walks around a supermarket wearing an extremely short skirt that covers only a third of her buttocks.

Her behaviour and attire have drawn a mixed response from netizens. Some have criticised her for her inappropriate behaviour and revealing clothing, while others have defended her right to dress as she pleases and have praised her beauty and confidence.

The influencer has over 60,000 followers on Instagram, where she describes herself as a personal fitness trainer. She also has another Instagram account where she shares fitness tips and advice. Her Instagram profile shows that she began posting sexy photos in 2020 but has since ramped up her provocative outfits and behaviour, only starting to appear in public in her revealing clothing last year.

Source: Instagram/Yvonneclose
Source: Instagram/Yvonneclose