HKMoA’s “Harbour Wonder” exhibition brings outdoor art installations to Art Square


27th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA) has recently launched a new exhibition called “Harbour Wonder” at Art Square, located at the forecourt of the HKMoA. The exhibition features two sets of large-scale outdoor art installations, created by two Hong Kong artists, that aim to inspire the public to re-imagine the neighbouring harbour.

One of the artists, Chan Wai-lap, has long been incorporating swimming pools in his artwork. For this exhibition, he created an installation called “Some of us are looking at the stars”. The installation is a large swimming pool located in front of the museum, where the audience can step in and experience a surreal yet familiar environment. Chan drew inspiration from his personal memories and experiences of swimming pools, which allowed him to create a unique aesthetic that gives the swimming pool a distinct character. The installation also incorporates layout, sound, play of light and dark, weather, and audience involvement, making the scene ever-changing and orchestrating encounters between strangers that enrich the work’s empty quietness.

Another artist, Tsoi Wai-kuen, created “A symphony of delights”, a set of six art installations that combine local architectural features. Tsoi drew inspiration from the iconic buildings along Victoria Harbour, such as the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, and the International Financial Centre, among others, and transformed them into playful “landmarks” that people can sit on. The installation features detailed patterns of the signature buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour printed on canvas, showcasing the unique aesthetic of contemporary Hong Kong architectural design. Art Square has been transformed into a public space for relaxation, allowing audiences to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of Victoria Harbour.

The “Harbour Wonder” exhibition is now open to the public at Art Square, located at the forecourt of the HKMoA, until 24th March next year. Visitors can visit the website at or call 2721 0116 for enquiries. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with outdoor art installations and experience the artistic vision of two of Hong Kong’s most talented artists. The installations bring a fresh perspective to the surrounding harbour and encourage the public to appreciate the beauty of the city’s architecture and natural environment.

Photo shows Chan Wai-lap his work “Some of us are looking at the stars”.