HK$500 discount on staycation packages in local hotels to start tomorrow till 31st May

The Hari

8th April 2021 – (Hong Kong)  The Hong Kong Tourism Board announced on 26th March that from now on till 31st May, citizens can participate in the newly launched “Staycation Delights – Holiday At Home” programme to enjoy a HK$500 discount on local hotel accommodation. The list of hotels includes the five-star Four Seasons Hotel, Peninsula Hotel, The Murray, The Ritz Carlton, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and many more.

Spend HK$800 or more at eligible retail and/or dining outlets to enjoy HK$500 off a staycation of your choice. Start saving your receipts (maximum 2 receipts with a minimum value of HK$800) and reconnect with your friends and family now! Each hotel has its own precaution measures, please check the respective hotel websites and the Hong Kong Government’s website before booking a staycation.

Starting at 10am tomorrow morning (9th), citizens can directly contact the hotel to make reservations with their receipts. About 140 hotels have participated in the program. There are a total of 20,000 quotas under the Staycation Delights. Each hotel has its own packages and it’s offered on a ‘First come, first served’ basis. In addition to hotel accommodation plans, participating hotels also provide discounts or rebates on food and beverages, spa discounts and entrance tickets to attractions.

The list of participating hotels and their contact details are listed on the event website ( The public can directly contact the hotel to make a reservation with the receipt.

The Tourism Board reminds that the purchase receipt must include the name of the merchant, purchase item, date and amount. Deposit receipts, online purchase receipts, reprinted or duplicate receipts are not accepted, only original electronic currency payment stubs such as credit cards and EPS are not considered valid receipt. Once the participating hotel appears on the government’s compulsory testing list during the program, the event website will immediately suspend the hotel.

The newly-open HARI HOTEL in Wan Chai is also one of the participating hotels:

Source: The Hari Hong Kong.