HK$3 egg tart sold at bakery in Shau Kei Wan, a hidden gem in Hong Kong’s rising cost of living


8th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) As prices continue to soar in Hong Kong, grabbing a simple loaf of bread can cost as much as $10, making affordable options increasingly scarce. However, a recent discovery by netizens has sparked excitement as they stumbled upon what could possibly be the cheapest egg tarts in the entire city. A local bakery on Kam Wa Street in Shau Kei Wan has been making waves with its freshly baked egg tarts, offering them at incredibly affordable prices that have left netizens astonished and praising it as an establishment with integrity.

In a city where dining out has become a luxury, finding reasonably priced delicacies of good quality has become a challenge. This quaint bakery sells buttery egg tarts for just $3 each, proving that affordability doesn’t compromise taste. The smooth and silky custard filling has won the hearts of both locals and netizens alike. Even the more complex pastry variant, the puff pastry egg tart, is priced at an astonishingly low $7 per piece. The bakery has gained immense popularity among the neighbourhood residents and online communities.

A Hong Kong-residing individual of mixed Hong Kong and French descent even shared her delight on the popular social media platform Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), praising the crispy texture of the puff pastry egg tart and its harmonious blend with the creamy custard filling.

Netizens expressed their astonishment at the existence of such affordable egg tarts in Hong Kong’s current landscape. They hailed the bakery, San Kim Wa Bakery, as a place with a “conscience” and referred to the prices as “nostalgic” and “value for money.” Comments such as “Even selling them at $6 would not be excessive,” “And they’re served warm too, which makes it even more worthwhile,” and “In other places, you can’t even find a single piece of bread at this price” flooded the online discussions. Some even claimed that these might be the cheapest egg tarts in the entire city, reminiscing about the past when egg tarts in To Kwa Wan used to cost $3.50 each.