HK$1.2 million cannabis and cocaine seized, 54-year-old man arrested at Hong Kong airport


25th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Customs officers seized approximately one kilogram of suspected cocaine and one gram of suspected cannabis buds, with a combined estimated market value of around HK$1.2 million at the Hong Kong International Airport. The operation unfolded on April 24, highlighting the rigorous surveillance and anti-trafficking measures in place at one of Asia’s busiest airports.

The seizure occurred when a 54-year-old male passenger, who had travelled from Mexico City via Paris, was subjected to a routine customs check upon his arrival in Hong Kong. During the inspection, officers discovered the cocaine cleverly hidden within a false compartment of the passenger’s backpack, located in his check-in suitcase. The discovery prompted further scrutiny, leading to the detection of the cannabis buds within his carry-on sling bag.