HK visitors to Japan recover to pre-pandemic levels as Consul-General expresses gratitude for continued patronage of Japanese cuisine

Second from right: Japan's Consul-General in Hong Kong, Shigekazu Sato

14th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Japan’s Consul-General in Hong Kong, Shigekazu Sato, expressed his gratitude towards the people of Hong Kong for not boycotting Japanese cuisine despite Japan’s discharge of nuclear wastewater starting at the end of August this year. The Consul-General revealed that the number of Hong Kong visitors to Japan in July had reached nearly 220,000, indicating a recovery to pre-pandemic levels. He also highlighted the continued popularity of Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong, which are still attracting long queues of customers. The Consul-General hoped that the ongoing cultural activities would further strengthen the relationship between Japan and Hong Kong.

In another development, Consul-General Sato attended the “Japanese Autumn Festival in Hong Kong” on the 14th of September. He emphasised the significance of Hong Kong as a vital partner for Japan, with close economic, personnel, and cultural exchanges. He noted that nearly 1,400 Japanese companies have chosen to develop their businesses in Hong Kong, benefiting from its efficient and fair business environment.

Consul-General Sato further mentioned that Japan remains a highly popular overseas travel destination for people in Hong Kong. In July, the number of Hong Kong tourists visiting Japan approached 220,000, indicating a return to pre-pandemic levels. He also highlighted the presence of almost 1,400 Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong, some of which continue to experience long queues. He expressed his deep appreciation for the enthusiasm of Hong Kong people towards traveling to Japan and enjoying Japanese cuisine, describing it as a “heart filled with love for Japan.”

The current edition of the Japanese Autumn Festival features over 100 activities spanning a period of approximately two months. The events cover various domains such as film, performing arts, arts and crafts, food, sports, and knowledge exchange. For instance, a tea ceremony workshop is scheduled for the upcoming Saturday. Additionally, the Hong Kong Japanese Restaurant Association will host a two-day Autumn Festival in Victoria Park, featuring food stalls, games, and vibrant stage performances.

Several Japanese organisations and the Hong Kong Japanese Restaurant Association set up booths at a flash Japanese night market held in Central yesterday. The market aimed to introduce Japanese fine food and wine as well as provide tourism information.