HK veteran actor, Ng Man-tat rumoured to be admitted to hospital due to chest discomfort


    21st February 2021 – (Hong Kong) The 68-year-old Hong Kong veteran actor, Ng Man-tat was sent to the hospital for heart failure due to a virus infection in 2014. After he recovered, he lost a lot of weight. A few days ago, he experienced chest discomfort while shooting for a poster of his new film. Media reports pointed out that Ng visited the oncology department of the hospital yesterday (20th), and the exact cause has yet to be confirmed. There was a rumour that he was admitted to the hospital.

    Ng’s workload has been reduced in recent years, he has quit smoking and drinking, and is healthy. He recently appeared on the program to talk about his physical condition.

    Ng Man-tat is a Hong Kong actor originally from Fujian, China. He is a veteran actor in the Hong Kong film industry, with dozens of awards, including Best Supporting Actor at the 10th Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in A Moment of Romance.