HK veteran actor, Liu Kai-chi, 66, passes away after suffering from stomach cancer


    28th March 2021 – (Hong Kong) Liu Kai-chi, 66, Hong Kong veteran actor who won two Golden Award as a supporting actor, was found to have stomach cancer in December last year. He passed away peacefully at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin at 8.32 pm today. He was accompanied by his family members.

    Liu who was unwell the 22nd of this month, personally confessed to the illness by a WhatsApp message. He said that “The old machine is broken and needs to be repaired. I know that everyone cares, but too many greetings can also become a burden. I hope you can be considerate.”

    He said that he was focusing on conditioning his body, and he was active and full of positive energy between words. When his wife Money Chan visited her husband in the hospital last week, she said that his condition was OK but she refused to reveal the stage of stomach cancer he had. Liu was checked for gastric discomfort in December last year and confirmed that he was suffering from stomach cancer. He immediately stopped work and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. He has been treating his condition in a low-key manner.

    Although Liu was interested in acting at an early age, he first worked behind the scenes as a camera assistant, lighting and in sound production to accumulate industry experience before becoming an actor. Two out of seventeen Hong Kong Television Network drama productions were selected by a public poll for their online launch on 19th November 2014. Liu was cast in a leading role for both dramas The Election and The Borderline.

    Liu has 3 sons with his wife Money (Barbara) Chan Man-yee.

    In April 2006, Liu lost his youngest son, 6-year-old Liu Man-lok to leukemia. Man-lok died after a three-year struggle with the terminal illness.