HK veteran actor Lee Lung-kei takes a strong stance, declares silence on fiancée Chris Wang and promotes new song


    28th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actor Lee Lung-kei’s fiancée, Chris Wang, who is 36 years old, was recently charged with six offences, including overstaying her visa and using fake documents. Since last Wednesday (21st), Wang has been detained at Tai Lam Centre for Women, a correctional facility. Lee Lung-kei has been visiting her continuously for the past eight days. Today (28th) was supposed to be the date for the bail review hearing, but the application was unexpectedly withdrawn yesterday (27th).

    As Lee Lung-kei walked out of the correctional facility and approached his car, he spoke with the press, stating, “I am taking this opportunity to reaffirm my position. From this moment on, I will no longer make any public statements regarding Chris. Thank you for your concern, and I will refrain from making any further comments.” He expressed his hope that people would pay attention to his music projects instead and revealed, “I have recently written a new song tentatively titled ‘Gentle Breeze.’ I hope everyone will look out for it!”

    When asked if the song reflects his personal experiences, Lee Lung-kei thanked the press, saying, “Thank you for asking. I wrote the music myself, along with Lo Wing-keung. Of course, I provided my input. This song has been in the works for several months, and I appreciate everyone’s interest!” As for whether the song is dedicated to Chris, he replied, “I will no longer make any statements about Chris.” When questioned about the release date of the new song, he jokingly said, “Very soon, very soon. We are in the final stages of production. I want to convey a certain awareness. Personally, I prefer a low-key and simple approach because I believe simplicity is a blessing.”

    Lee Lung-kei emphasised that he would continue to visit Chris at the correctional facility every day. When asked about the withdrawal of the bail application, he reiterated, “Once again, I will not comment on myself and Chris.” Regarding Chris’s current situation in detention and whether she has enough warm clothing, he reassured, “She has enough! She has enough!” When questioned about the potential exhaustion from visiting her for eight consecutive days, he replied, “It doesn’t matter! It’s not important! (Will you continue to visit Chris despite the challenges?) Yes.” Regarding his work schedule, he admitted, “It has been temporarily suspended! (No work in March either?) Yes, it has been temporarily suspended.”

    He concluded by stating that he would continue to visit his fiancée every day and said, “Let’s not discuss this anymore! The most important thing is for everyone to be safe and for the negative things to pass. I have always believed that money is not everything. The most important thing is good health. I will keep exercising. Many of my friends have noticed that I look tired and weak. That’s the truth. But I believe I will bounce back. Thank you all!”