HK veteran actor and TVB general manager Eric Tsang kisses unknown Malaysian model during birthday celebration in the presence of middle-aged men and others


    2nd October 2022 – (Hong Kong) 69-year-old Eric Tsang Chi-wai, Hong Kong actor, film director, producer, and television host is best known for hosting the variety show Super Trio series on the Hong Kong television network TVB over 18 years. He currently holds the general manager post at TVB. He wife Rebecca Chu passed away in 2020. He has always been active in social circle and attended many dinners and events.

    Erick Tsang sang birthday song for Lebara.

    Recently, Tsang and a number of middle-aged men with others celebrated the birthday of an unknown 26-year-old Malaysian model, Lebara who is 180cm tall and she is apparently a model under NOW Models. Caviar was served during the dinner and Eric was spotted happily eating some caviar canapés. Tsang not only sang birthday song during the dinner but also kissed the birthday girl very close to her lips. Lebara expressed joy after Tsang celebrated birthday for her. She hopes for world peace this year. It seems like she is craving for attention as after all bad publicity is good publicity for anyone who is a newcomer in the entertainment industry.

    Source: lebara_balabala Instagram
    Lebara from Malaysia

    According to sources, Lebara often goes to dinners arranged for rich men and yacht parties, and it is rumoured that she is the goddaughter of 77-year-old Lawrence Yu Kam-kee, Chairman of the China Renji Medical Group Limited. The 77-year-old Yu is often photographed by reporters entering different hotels with young women. In 2021, he contracted COVID and spent 15 days in hospital.

    A member of Hong Kong’s Independent Police Complaints Council had earlier questioned why contestants need to wear swimsuits in the Miss Hong Kong pageant while answering questions. The council member also accused Eric Tsang, who is the host of the pageant as well as the general manager of TVB for staring at the contestants in their bikinis.

    According to  24-year-old Wynn Jiang, who took part in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 2021, she said contestants had to wear bikinis for Eric Tsang And other TVB Executives to “take a look” even during the auditions. In response, Tsang said given his 1.59 metres height, he could ‘only look in that direction’. He also said the swimsuit segment would be maintained despite claims that Hong Kong’s child abuse problem was due to television programmes and movies.

    In December 2013, Next Magazine published an anonymously produced interview with actress Yammie Lam where she said that she had been raped by two Hong Kong entertainment industry “big brothers” 20 years ago. According to Lam, one of the individuals had died not long ago, while the other individual is alive. She further claims that the second individual had raped her during a film production in Singapore. However, the names of the alleged perpetrators were censored out of the audio, which generated intense media speculation. It is not known who the interviewer was; in fact, the interviewer’s voice shows evidence of having been digitally manipulated from a natural female voice to a male voice.  In January 2018, a mainland Chinese journalist uploaded what is purported to be an uncensored recording of Yammie Lam’s 2013 interview. In the new 2018 clip, the interviewer now has a natural female voice, and the formerly censored portions implicate Alan Tang (deceased in 2011) and Eric Tsang as the two alleged rapists of Lam. Media analysts have endorsed the authenticity of the newly released video; they note that the 2018 video did not have noise removal or other post-production traces that are observed in the publicly released 2013 clip; hence, whoever leaked the video must have had direct access to the original unedited video.

    Two days after the release of the January 2018 video, the sexual offence claim against Eric Tsang was corroborated by Grace Han, a talent agent who formerly headed the Ford Models agency in Asia. Han further alleged that Eric Tsang had sexually assaulted more than one woman, and claims to know of a specific incident in which a group of male Hong Kong celebrities, led by Tsang, allegedly drugged seven female models in a Hong Kong karaoke bar and raped six of them, while one girl escaped after she noticed the drugging. Han’s Weibo post has since been deleted.

    Tsang rejected the authenticity of the uploaded video and denied Grace Han’s allegation. A week after the allegations surfaced, Tsang filed a defamation lawsuit against Grace Han in the Hong Kong High Court, arranged for a press event, and announced that “punishment” is needed. Tsang further claimed to the media that he had already won a defamation lawsuit in 2006 on similar grounds, but independent media sources have not been able to corroborate this claim.

    Yammie Lam was found dead at her home in 2018. She was 55.