HK to experience rising temperatures for 9 days, with Sheung Shui reaching 38°C on next Tuesday


25th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) As the temperature rises, signaling the arrival of summer, the Hong Kong Observatory predicts that it will rain for eight out of the next nine days. Tomorrow, 26th May, is Buddha’s Birthday, which is a statutory holiday in Hong Kong. The highest temperature is expected to reach 31 degrees Celsius, and temperatures will continue to rise early next week, with the highest temperature expected to reach 34 degrees Celsius. On Tuesday, 30th May, most parts of Hong Kong will reach 35 degrees Celsius, with Sheung Shui being the hottest at 38 degrees Celsius. The public is advised to stay hydrated and take measures to prevent heatstroke when going out.

According to the weather forecast, there will be sudden showers for the next three days, followed by a sunny day on 29th May. However, from 30th May to 3rd June, there will be sudden showers for five consecutive days, and thunderstorms are expected on 31st May and 1st June. The temperature for the next nine days will gradually rise, ranging from 27 to 34 degrees Celsius, with the hottest days being from Monday to Thursday next week.

Meanwhile, the anticyclone aloft over the northern part of the South China Sea is strengthening, resulting in hot and generally fine weather over the coast of Guangdong for the next few days. Super Typhoon Mawar is now over the western North Pacific andis expected to move towards the seas east of Luzon over the weekend. However, there are uncertainties in its subsequent movement. According to the latest forecast, there is a higher chance of Mawar turning northwards in the vicinity of the Luzon Strait and Taiwan. Under the influence of its outer subsiding air, the weather over southern China will be very hot early to midweek next week.

In the meantime, the weather in Hong Kong will be mainly cloudy with one or two showers, and visibility may be relatively low in some areas at first. Tomorrow will be hot with sunny periods, and temperatures will range from 26 to 31 degrees Celsius. Moderate east to southeasterly winds are expected.

Source: HK Observatory