HK superstar Andy Lau spotted attending his daughter’s school performance


    4th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) The 61-year-old superstar Andy Lau still works very hard despite his wealth and status. However, due to the epidemic in recent years, he has slowed down on his work and spent more time with his wife Caro Chu and daughter, Hanna. He even appeared in the auditorium in person to support his daughter’s performance at school recently. In 2008, Lau married Malaysian Chinese Carol Chu after 24 years of speculation over their relationship. Both are vegetarian and devout Buddhists. The couple married in Las Vegas.

    The wife gave birth to their daughter in 2011.

    He loves his daughter very much. He once revealed that he would personally drive his daughter to school. On 2nd December, some netizens uploaded photos of Andy Lau appearing at his daughter’s school. He appeared in a black suit with a black cross-body bag on his back. He sat in the auditorium wearing a mask and focused on watching the 11-year-old Hanna’s performance.