HK singer Stephy Tang’s management company warns of impersonation and fake news

    Stephy Tang

    29th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Stephy Tang, a popular Hong Kong singer represented by Cool Style management company, released a statement today addressing the recent circulation of forged news links involving her. The statement revealed that the management company received not just one, but multiple fabricated news links claiming to be from reputable news outlets, which were used for online scams. It emphasized that Stephy has never participated in any related interviews, and all the content associated with these links is entirely fabricated. To protect the public from falling victim to scams, the statement was issued to set the record straight.

    According to the statement, the recent screenshots of false TV news articles circulating on the internet, featuring Stephy’s image and alleged statements, are completely baseless. Cool Style clarified that Stephy has never appeared on any television program discussing “get-rich-quick” schemes, nor has she encouraged anyone to register or invest on unknown websites during any of her appearances. The related reports and screenshots circulating on the internet and other media platforms are all fabricated advertisements and false news, unrelated to Stephy and her management company. Cool Style urged the public to exercise caution and not to be deceived, advising them to report such instances promptly to the authorities.

    The statement also emphasized that any false advertisements and promotions, which infringe upon Stephy’s image rights, name rights, reputation, intellectual property rights, and other rights, will be pursued legally. Stephy herself shared the statement on social media, expressing her hope that nobody will fall victim to these scams.