HK singer Sammi Cheng’s manager, Wallace Kwok, hospitalised after sudden stroke

    Wallace Kwok (left) and Sammi Cheng (right).

    13th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Wallace Kwok, the 58-year-old manager of Hong Kong singer Sammi Cheng, was hospitalized last month after experiencing a sudden stroke. Kwok, who has been serving as Cheng’s manager for the past 24 years, was rushed to the intensive care unit (ICU) for immediate medical attention. The news has left fans and industry insiders deeply concerned about his well-being.

    Kwok has been an integral part of Cheng’s career, accompanying her through various highs and lows since 2000. Their seamless collaboration has been instrumental in shaping Cheng’s success. Unfortunately, Kwok’s sudden health setback has forced a temporary halt to their ongoing projects. During Cheng’s recent music video shoot in Japan, Kwok was unable to accompany her. Moreover, his condition is expected to have an impact on Cheng’s upcoming 13-concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum next month.

    Despite the challenges, Cheng is diligently preparing for her highly anticipated concerts. She has taken to social media to express her prayers for Kwok’s recovery and has been visiting him at the hospital every week, highlighting the strong bond shared between the two.

    Initially, Kwok’s condition was described as critical during the early stages of his hospitalisation, causing significant concern for Cheng and those close to them. However, recent updates indicate a positive turn in his health, with Kwok now allowing friends to visit him. His gradual recovery brings hope and optimism to his loved ones and supporters.