HK singer Sammi Cheng reveals high inflammation index after six months of illness


    23rd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) 51-year-old music diva Sammi Cheng, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 last year, has disclosed her recent condition and promoted her new song in a recent radio program. Due to her COVID-19 diagnosis, Sammi had to postpone her scheduled concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum from July last year to this July, which is now set to be resumed. In the interview, Sammi shared her health status and mentioned feeling constant breathlessness, stating, “I often feel short of breath, so I underwent a detailed examination at the hospital. It was found that my body’s nitric oxide levels and inflammation index were significantly high, particularly in the throat and airways, which was crucial.” She further explained that the prolonged breathlessness was due to not receiving targeted treatment, and she eventually relied on traditional Chinese medicine for recovery. Sammi revealed that it took her from December of last year until January of this year to regain her strength and be able to handle her work. Despite experiencing illness for over six months, she emphasised her dedication to preparing for the upcoming July concert and expressed her belief that sometimes in life, one needs to be a little crazy and not care about anything else.