HK singer Sammi Cheng clarifies “typo mishap” as she addresses being mistaken for an older expectant mother

    Sammi Cheng

    19th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Sammi Cheng, the 51-year-old Cantopop diva, recently caused a stir on social media when she inadvertently revealed herself as an older expectant mother during an interaction with fans on Instagram. The revelation quickly garnered widespread attention and became the subject of extensive coverage by major media outlets. Yesterday (18th), Sammi took to Instagram to address the incident and shared some recent photos.

    Prior to the revelation, Sammi had shared a video clip on Instagram, showcasing preparations for her upcoming concert in July. However, it was her comment about being an older expectant mother that caught the attention of netizens. Sammi wrote, “In one of my posts, due to a careless mistake and my ageing eyesight, I intended to describe myself as an older woman, but mistakenly typed ‘older expectant mother.’ Dear fans, there’s no need to be doubtful. I haven’t secretly given birth to a baby. I may have muscles, but take a look at my wrinkled hands. It was simply a typing error. Perhaps it’s time for me to switch to a new pair of reading glasses.” Netizens responded with amusement and relief, with comments such as “You really scared me” and “I noticed it earlier, but didn’t pay much attention because I knew it must have been a typo. It’s hilarious that it made the news!”