HK singer Paul Wong’s personal exhibition showcases artistic talents and unveils rare family photo


    11th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer Paul Wong recently held his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, featuring over 20 of his artworks. The event became a significant family affair as his wife, retired actress and singer Athena Chu, accompanied by their beloved 11-year-old daughter, attended the grand opening to show their support. The rare family photo captured during the opening ceremony quickly made its way onto social media platforms, unveiling the young girl’s appearance to the public.

    In the photograph, their daughter, stands at a height almost on par with her mother, Athena Chu, measuring approximately 1.5 meters. As she grows older, she resemblance to her mother becomes more apparent, exuding a blossoming sense of femininity. Many netizens expressed their astonishment at how Huang Ying has transformed into a young lady, showcasing a different image from her earlier appearances on variety shows when she was younger.