HK singer Kenny Bee’s former wife Teresa Cheung Siu-wai makes surprise appearance at Milan Fashion Week

    Teresa Cheng

    29th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Teresa Cheung Siu-wai, the former wife of 71-year-old Hong Kong singer Kenny Bee, gained attention as she made a striking appearance at Milan Fashion Week. Known for her extravagant lifestyle and colourful past, Cheung was once dubbed the “Material Girl” and “Hong Kong’s Queen of Materialism.” Her affluent upbringing and lavish spending habits were said to have contributed to Kenny Bee’s bankruptcy. She famously remarked, “I can skip meals, but I can’t skip buying clothes.”

    Despite being 60 years old, Cheung still maintains a passion for beauty and fashion. However, recent candid photos taken at the fashion event revealed a sudden resemblance between her and 73-year-old actress Siu Yam-yam. Internet users quickly dug up old pictures of Cheung, praising her for exuding grace and elegance.

    Teresa Cheng spotted at Milan Fashion Week recently.

    During her prime years, Cheung married the prominent Hong Kong pop star and actor Kenny Bee in 1988. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 1997.