HK singer Kelly Chen shines on Stage in Macao after four years, joined by actor Stephen Fung as special guest”

    Kelly Chen (left) and Stephen Fung (right).

    3rd October 2023 – (Macao) Kelly Chen, the renowned Cantopop singer, bid farewell to the concert stage after a four-year hiatus with her sensational finale, “Kelly Chen Season 2 Macao Live.” Kelly, in top form and with a stunning figure, showcased her talent through seven dazzling costume changes, ranging from glamorous and sparkling to sexy and elegant, while serenading her devoted fans with a collection of classic and dance hits. The highlight of the concert was the special appearance of Kelly’s good friend, Stephen Fung, who not only provided unwavering support but also took the stage as a guest performer, igniting the crowd’s enthusiasm and leaving Kelly in tears of gratitude.

    Throughout the concert, Kelly treated fans to a journey through her illustrious career, performing her greatest hits from her debut years to recent releases. The electrifying atmosphere was filled with surprises, and one of the biggest came when Stephen Fung joined Kelly on stage to perform “The Arctic Snow.” In response to the audience’s cheers, Stephen jokingly remarked, “Not only is it a song I haven’t sung in a long time, but it’s been even longer since I’ve sung at all.” Kelly, smiling, responded, “I can tell! You’ve maintained that same level from 20 years ago, and that’s impressive.” Stephen, appreciating Kelly’s compliment, added, “You’ve kept the same dance moves as well.”

    Kelly playfully pointed out that Stephen still looked stylish even after shaving his beard, as his overall appearance remained impeccable. She commented, “You were a hit with both men and women last night.” Stephen, dressed in a turtleneck, and Kelly, in a silver high-slit dance dress, complemented each other’s outfits, prompting Stephen to quip, “I might have overdressed a bit. I thought ‘The Arctic Snow’ called for something more festive, but then you… saw me like this last night. So tonight, I thought I’d ditch the pants, but oh well!” Kelly couldn’t help but respond, “So should I wear thermal pants then?” Their lighthearted banter elicited continuous laughter from the audience.

    In a rare appearance before her fans, Kelly not only meticulously crafted her setlist but also shared her inner thoughts. She mentioned how her manager, Paco, had consulted a fortune teller when she first started her career, who advised that red would bring her the most success. As a result, Kelly adorned herself in red outfits for promotional photos and public appearances, which proved to be a winning formula for over 20 years. Reflecting on this, Kelly said, “I don’t really believe in these things, but then I think back, if I hadn’t worn red back then, would I be standing on this stage today? Who knows if I could have lasted this long?” The crowd erupted in screams and cheers, overwhelmed by Kelly’s heartfelt words. Eventually, tears welled up in Kelly’s eyes as she continued, “Who knows how many more years I can keep going? But let’s not think about these things too much. Let nature take its course!”