HK singer Karen Mok to debut new band at Beijing’s National Stadium in landmark concert

    Karen Mok

    20th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer Karen Mok has assembled a “superband” named The Masters, reprising her lifelong passion for band performances. The group, which includes longtime collaborators Terry Chan, Arai Soichiro, and James Lee, is set to debut their new song “Metamorphosis” at a landmark concert in Beijing.

    Scheduled for 15th June at the National Stadium, the event will mark Mok’s entrance as the first Chinese pop female artist to headline the 100,000-capacity venue. This performance is not just another concert but a pivotal moment in Mok’s illustrious career, symbolising a “journey of dreams” as she puts it, blending her musical legacy with fresh creative ventures.

    “Metamorphosis,” the band’s debut track, is a collaborative effort with lyricist Francis Lee, who drew inspiration from a classical Chinese text, the I Ching, specifically the phrase “a gentleman should be ready to change like a leopard changes its spots,” which coincidentally resonates with Mok’s Chinese name. The lyrics reflect the challenges and adaptability required in rapidly changing times, echoing Mok’s own career transformations.

    The creation of The Masters and their debut at such a significant venue underline Mok’s enduring influence in the Asian music scene. The concert, titled “The Grand Show,” promises to be an amalgamation of Mok’s past hits and new material, offering both a retrospective and a glimpse into the future of her musical journey.

    This ambitious project is more than just a musical performance; it is an artistic statement and a strategic move in Mok’s career, positioning her once again at the forefront of the Chinese pop music industry. As she prepares to take the stage at the National Stadium, Mok not only revisits her roots but also pushes the boundaries of what is possible in her field, setting a new benchmark for live performances in Asia.