HK singer JW’s breakup is met with mockery, but she counters with Kendall Jenner’s words on the notion of “wealth, not hardship”

    Joey Wong and Tarzan Ip.

    23rd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Joey Wong, known as JW, a Hong Kong singer, announced her separation from her bankrupt boyfriend Tarzan Ip on the 21st, putting an end to their six-year relationship. Despite her previous stance on valuing love over money, JW decided to cut ties, resulting in relentless mocking from netizens who criticised her for only being able to share wealth but not hardships.

    Last night, JW swiftly shared a video interview featuring Kendall Jenner, a member of the famous American reality TV family, the Kardashians. In the video, Kendall expressed frustration and a sense of unfairness, stating that many people have a shallow understanding of her. She explained that when others talk about her, it often feels disheartening because their portrayal doesn’t match who she truly is. However, Kendall emphasised that she knows her own character, and those close to her, including friends, family, and even her pets, are aware of her true nature. By sharing this video, JW seemed to be indirectly responding to her critics, using Kendall’s words as a form of counterattack.