HK singer JW emerges from breakup shadows with stunning manicure

    Joey Wong (left)

    23rd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer Joey Wong (JW) recently surprised the public by announcing the end of her six-year relationship with her bankrupt boyfriend, Tarzan Ip. Known for her candid nature, JW faced widespread criticism and mockery online, with netizens sarcastically pointing out that she could only handle the good times, not the hardships. Despite the backlash, JW remains steadfast in her belief that nobody truly understands her inner struggles, feeling frustrated and unfairly judged by others.

    However, JW has wasted no time in moving on from the breakup and dispelling any feelings of loneliness. Apart from her role as a guest performer in the internationally acclaimed musical “The Sound of Music,” she was recently spotted at a beauty salon, indulging in a glamorous manicure session. The latest photographs capture JW politely posing with the manicurist, displaying a composed demeanour seemingly untouched by the lingering emotional aftermath. However, it is worth noting that netizens were surprised by her noticeably enlarged pupils, although some speculated that it could be a result of camera angles or photographic glitches.