HK singer Joey Wong ends 6-year relationship with bankrupt boyfriend Tarzan Ip


    21st May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer Joey Wong, widely known as JW, has announced the end of her six-year relationship with her affluent boyfriend, Tarzan Ipn. The romantic journey between the two came to an abrupt halt after Tarzan’s family business faced bankruptcy proceedings in 2022. Adding to the financial distress, Tarzan and his mother were both declared bankrupt by the court on February 7th of last year, coinciding with the release of JW’s new song “Accompanying You” with lyrics that seemingly alluded to her boyfriend’s unfortunate circumstances, expressing her unwavering commitment to stand by him during challenging times.

    However, it appears that their relationship couldn’t withstand the test of adversity. Today, on social media, JW shared the news of her return to singlehood, confirming her separation from Tarzan. She wrote, “Almost forgot how it’s like to be single after 13 years of being in a relationship” and “Life is great, I’ll be okay.” While it remains unclear whether her reference to “13 years” pertains to her overall experience in relationships or specifically to her time with Tarzan, she emphasised the absence of any vacuum period between her past and present emotional states.

    The life JW shared with Tarzan was filled with opulence, and as a result, she had long been labeled as “materialistic.” In response to these perceptions during an interview, JW passionately exclaimed, “It’s so frustrating! I have never believed that falling in love with someone rich means trapping a gold digger! What is there to catch? It’s profoundly unfair to women! Since graduating from university, I have worked tirelessly, and I mean tirelessly! I have never asked anyone for money, not even my family. I have always relied on myself! But as soon as there’s a label attached, people forget about my efforts…”

    Following Tarzan’s bankruptcy last year, JW faced criticism when internet celebrity Yan Yan shared on social media images of a lavish party they attended in a five-star hotel’s upscale private room. The extravagant lifestyle portrayed by bankrupt individuals sparked outrage among netizens. At the time, JW expressed her grievances online, stating, “It’s frustrating to feel misunderstood.” Despite Tarzan’s financial downfall, JW’s own property ownership remained unaffected. True to her claim of self-reliance, she recently became a homeowner for the first time, acquiring an apartment at Tai Hang Terrace of Jardine’s Lookout with a value of HK$9.5 million.