HK singer Jenny Tseng expresses outrage and warns about the risks of virtual currency in response to JPEX case

    Jenny Tseng

    21st September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the midst of the escalating JPEX case, Jenny Tseng, Hong Kong singer with a keen interest in current affairs, has voiced her opinion. She took to social media to discuss crypto currency, stating, “Virtual currency is unreal and deceptive, a simulated and false structure. The word ‘currency’ itself tells you that it’s obvious. If you don’t understand, why would you get involved? Oh dear.” She further referred to it as a “rat club” and a “tale of fraudulent tricks,” speaking up for the many victims involved.

    Tseng’s message serves as a wake-up call to investors, highlighting the unreasonable returns associated with the case. She emphasises that participating in such ventures is akin to gambling, rather than genuine investment. Tseng bluntly states, “If you lose, you lose. How can you expect sympathy?” She also expresses her apologies to the public for the involvement of artists in the incident, stating, “Once again, it’s the artists. I am truly sorry for betraying the trust and affection of the people. It’s been an unfortunate year!” In addition, she calls on relevant authorities to take strong measures to deter others and denounces the deteriorating social atmosphere.