HK singer Jacky Cheung concludes Taipei concert despite battling RSV, expresses gratitude to fans


    18th June 2024 – (Taipei) On June 16th, Jacky Cheung held the final concert of his Taipei tour at the Taipei Arena, overcoming the challenges posed by a recent RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) infection. Last week, he was forced to cancel three shows due to the illness, but this week, despite still being in the recovery phase, he took the stage as scheduled. Cheung delivered near-perfect renditions of songs although he admitted that he didn’t feel as well as he did during the second show. Expressing his frustration, he said, “The virus has been quite unkind to me, constantly attacking my upper respiratory tract and lungs, causing me a lot of distress.” He expressed gratitude to his fans for their understanding and support.

    Cheung revealed that the virus had affected his upper respiratory tract and lungs, causing significant discomfort. After energetically performing 12 songs, he greeted the audience with his signature bashful smile, saying, “Hello, friends in Taiwan! As for me… I’m just an ordinary person. I came to the Taipei Arena for these three shows while battling an illness, and I carry a sense of apology in my heart. I couldn’t fully enjoy performing for all of you, and I feel sorry for that. Cancelling the shows would have been an even greater disappointment. Thank you for your patience. I will sing carefully and give it my all.” He also shared his observations about his vocal condition, noting the difference in dryness between yesterday and today’s performances. Reminding himself that he is already over 60 years old, he acknowledged feeling caught off guard but expressed confidence in his abilities by effortlessly performing his iconic somersault move.

    Cheung stated, “I’ve given it my all, truly. Thank you so much. I never expected today to be harder than the first day. Now, it feels like my voice has opened up a bit. Should I start over from the beginning? I really want to. Maybe you don’t know, but the feeling of being able to sing on stage is amazing. To be able to sing and have the audience eagerly waiting to hear your songs, it’s an incomparable sense of happiness.” He expressed his gratitude to his Taiwanese fans for their love and care, and he hopes to return in the future to deliver a complete Jacky Cheung performance.

    After the concert, around 10pm, feeling unwell, Jacky Cheung opted not to attend the celebratory gathering with the staff. Instead, he returned to his hotel alone to rest. Taking advantage of his final night, he interacted with fans as he exited the venue, graciously accepting the small cards that nearly 100 fans had prepared for him. During the 50-second walk, he expressed his appreciation and respect. Finally, he deeply bowed with his hands together, leaving fans tearfully calling out, “Take good care of yourself, Jacky!” Taiwanese fans will have to wait until March of next year for another chance to see their idol on stage.