HK singer Hins Cheung goes shirtless and shows off ‘muscles’ in new online variety show


    28th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hins Cheung, a 42-year-old Hong Kong singer, has launched a new online variety show recently. The show’s latest episode, which aired on 26th, May featured Cheung’s most candid performance yet, with fellow artists cheering him on during the filming. Cheung was spotted wearing a silicone muscle suit showing off his ‘toned physique’.

    The episode included two games and in one of the competition rounds, team members took turns entering an escape pod and answering questions posed by the opposing team leader. If the team member got the answer wrong, the team leader could press a button to release the pod and send the member plunging into the water below. The last team standing would then have their two team leaders face-off.

    During her turn in the game, Polly Lau from Emperor Entertainment Group was visibly shaken and teary-eyed before entering the escape pod due to her fear of heights. When asked what ten things she would do in case of constipation, her panicked response of “Put in a tampon!” left everyone in stitches. Despite her shaky start, she managed to answer the question correctly and “survive” the game.

    In another game, team members sat on a water bubble and used props or their bare hands to push the opposing team member into the water. During Cheung’s turn, he managed to push his opponent off the bubble, but the opponent held on and pulled him down with him. Despite almost falling into the water, Cheung managed to do a backflip and land back on the bubble, prompting applause from everyone present.

    After a series of games, the two teams ended up tied, and both had to face a severe punishment. Cheung’s team dressed up as mermaids, while the other team dressed up as rabbits. When Cheung removed his robe to reveal his muscular body, the audience erupted in cheers and screams. Cheung then joked that this episode would be the most frightening and violent one ever.