HK singer Gillian Chung’s ex-husband, Michael Lai, welcomes second baby with former flight attendant

    Michael Lai and his son.

    9th April 2024 – (Taipei) Hong Kong singer Gillian Chung, tied the knot with Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai in 2018. However, their marriage lasted less than two years, with the couple announcing their separation in May 2020 and subsequently finalising their divorce. Lai, on the other hand, entered into his third marriage earlier in 2022 with Alice, a former flight attendant.

    In August of the same year, Alice gave birth to their son, bringing joy to their lives. Lai frequently shares their happy moments as a family of three on his Instagram account, expressing his delight in being a father again.

    Unfortunately, the marriage between Lai and Alice proved to be short-lived. Gillian Chung’s regrets about her own marriage were echoed by Lai, as their union ended in divorce after a mere 14 months.

    Yesterday, however, Lai shared exciting news on his Instagram. He posted an ultrasound image with the caption, “A heart full of gratitude ❤️ #happyfamily #welcomelittleone,” tagging his wife. Although the gender of the baby remains unknown, the arrival of their second child within two years is undoubtedly a cause for celebration.

    The couple’s first child is currently around one year old, and the addition of a new family member signifies another milestone in their journey. Despite the challenges they have faced in their personal lives, Lai and Alice are embracing the joy that their growing family brings.