HK singer Gillian Chung criticised for playing teenager in latest web film at the age of 43


    25th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Mainland’s online film industry is flourishing, with an increasing number of well-known actors joining the ranks of web dramas. Gillian Chung, has taken on five web film projects within the past three years. Her latest work, “Painted Skin” was recently released, but her portrayal of a young girl-turned-wife has drawn criticism from netizens.

    After all, Chung is already 43 years old, and despite her youthful appearance and well-maintained looks, playing a teenager seems a bit far-fetched. Combined with her stiff expressions, it’s no wonder she has faced backlash from internet users. Another highlight of the film is the performance of Iris Yee, who received her first Best Actress nomination this year for “Ready o/r Knot” Although her appearance comes later in the film, she manages to steal the spotlight.

    Critics argue that Chung’s age makes it difficult for her to convincingly portray a young girl, especially considering the stark contrast between her actual age and the character’s age. While some viewers appreciate her efforts, many have expressed disappointment and dissatisfaction with her performance. They believe that her facial expressions lacked authenticity, leading to a lacklustre portrayal.