HK singer Gillian Chung and rumoured same-sex partner Sam Samuer’s secret desert getaway exposed 

    Gillian Chung

    23rd February 2024 – (Riyadh) Gillian Chung, member of the popular duo Twins, embarked on a rejuvenating trip after completing 14 concerts with her close friend Charlene Choi earlier this month. The singer, known as Ah Jiao, had kept her travels under wraps until she surprised her fans by sharing a series of stunning photos on social media last night (22nd). The post quickly garnered over five thousand comments, with netizens praising Chung’s beauty.

    In her post, Chung titled her holiday chronicles as “Relaxing Moments After the Concert Tour” and expressed her reluctance to bid farewell to the extended break. She described the blissful moments of her vacation, basking in the glorious sunlight, revelling in the romantic starry sky, and exploring the mystique of the desert. Chung also revealed her adventurous side, as she took on thrilling activities such as paragliding, adding an extra dash of excitement to her getaway.

    Although Chung didn’t disclose the exact location of her trip, eagle-eyed fans deduced from the desert landmark, Elephant Rock, featured in her photos that she had ventured to Saudi Arabia. Apart from indulging in local delicacies and admiring the nighttime celestial display, she also enjoyed off-road jeep rides and dared to experience the exhilarating thrill of paragliding, capturing breathtaking selfies from high altitudes. Truly, her artistic flair knows no boundaries.

    Some netizens speculated that the desert locale, El Ola in Saudi Arabia, served as the filming site for the mainland Chinese variety show “Divas Hit the Road – Season 5,” suggesting Ah Jiao’s affinity for the program as the reason for her choice of destination. Comments flooded in, praising her as a “goddess” and declaring her beauty fit for a queen.

    Moreover, it was revealed that Chung’s companion on this trip was her rumoured same-sex partner, Sam Samuer. Sam also fearlessly shared pictures of their desert adventure on social media, adding to the excitement surrounding their journey.