HK singer Gillian Chung addresses health concerns and dismisses rumours following a lively appearance at beauty event

    Gillian Chung

    5th March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer Gillian Chung, made a vivacious appearance at a beauty device event last evening, greeted by the enthusiastic support of hundreds of fans. After a brief hiatus, Chung, who appeared rejuvenated and youthfully attired, addressed concerns about her health post-tour, revealing a notable weight loss that has prompted medical consultations.

    Chung, has recently returned to work following a vacation. Despite her spirited demeanour, she shared that her recovery from the physical toll of her concert series is ongoing. “Since the end of the concert, I have been detoxifying and my body is gradually returning to normal,” Chung said. However, she raised some eyebrows with a candid disclosure about experiencing an interruption in her menstrual cycle, a subject often kept private. Chung was quick to clarify, following speculation, that her traditional Chinese medicine practitioner has ruled out pregnancy, attributing her condition to excessive internal heat.

    The artist also commented on her recent travel to Saudi Arabia, refuting circulating rumours of a romantic involvement with her close same-sex influencer, Sam Samuer. Firmly, Chung put an end to the speculation, stating that she would not respond further to such claims. The trip itself, according to the star, was a mixed bag of extravagant consumption and breathtaking views. “The hotels were beautiful, and we even used a glider to access one. The weather was perfect, but the costs were astronomically high,” Chung recounted, noting that a single meal could cost several thousand yuan, adding up to a hefty sum.

    Chung’s candid reflection on her trip suggested that while she enjoyed the luxury and the chance to indulge in the local cuisine and relax, the sheer expense made it a one-time experience. She admitted to a preference for the United States’ Grand Canyon for her next adventure, citing fewer crowds and more freedom to explore.

    Regarding her professional endeavours, Chung disclosed plans to participate in a new Mainland variety show. The shooting for this project is set to commence in Hong Kong before moving to other locations, though she remained tight-lipped about further details.