HK singer G.E.M.’s half-year tour generates remarkable earnings


    15th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Gloria Tang, better known by her stage name G.E.M., has captivated the Chinese music scene, amassing a staggering HK$500 million in earnings from her latest tour, which spanned just over six months. This feat has only solidified her reputation as one of the industry’s most prosperous figures.

    Since entering the music industry at the tender age of 16, G.E.M. has enjoyed a flourishing career, particularly after shifting her focus to mainland China. Her early achievements include a record-breaking concert at Beijing’s Workers’ Stadium before she turned 24, and a spot on the Forbes China Celebrity List in the same year, with reported earnings nearing HK$70 million. Over the following three years, estimates suggest she raked in no less than HK$200 million, earning her the moniker of a “golden goose”.

    The recent resurgence of her touring activities began at the end of last year, sparking considerable excitement and a rush for tickets. G.E.M.’s tour is set to include a total of 49 performances across most provinces in China, concluding in August this year. Compared to a decade ago, her performance fees have skyrocketed, now commanding approximately HK$10 million per show.

    The anticipation reached a fever pitch with the opening of ticket sales for her Shanghai performance, where tickets for five shows sold out in just three seconds—a testament to her unwavering popularity. The venue, Shanghai Stadium, which holds 80,000 people, hosted G.E.M. as the first Asian artist to perform five consecutive shows there, generating significant buzz online.

    Aside from her musical endeavours, G.E.M. has also proven to be a savvy investor, particularly in real estate. Approximately ten years ago, she made headlines with a substantial investment in mainland China, purchasing and combining two units into a duplex, which appreciated by around HK$6.48 million within a year. More recently, she acquired a sea-view luxury home in Tsuen Wan for HK$20 million, a purchase that has already appreciated significantly.

    Her luxurious lifestyle extends beyond property investments. G.E.M. has shared glimpses of her life in a rented independent house in Los Angeles, complete with a private pool, large garden, and a home cinema, where she resides with her boyfriend, Mark. The monthly rent for this opulent dwelling is reported to be around HK$320,000.

    Moreover, during her tours, she has been known to stay in presidential suites of five-star hotels in Shenzhen, costing six-figure sums per day in RMB. Despite the extravagant expenses, her earnings from her music career and investments more than cover these lavish outlays.