HK singer Fiona Sit shines in a yellow outfit, flaunting her sensuality and playfully pulling funny faces to grab attention

    Fiona Sit

    20th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Fiona Sit, a 42-year-old Hong Kong singer, is known for her youthful image despite being in the industry for many years. However, in recent years, her appearance has been frequently questioned, with some speculating that she alters her photos through editing or heavy filters. Whenever her looks spark controversy, she counters the criticism by sharing new photos to prove her natural beauty. Recently, she shared multiple photos showcasing different styles. In this instance, she flaunted her stunning appearance, emphasising her attractive figure and also playfully imitated emojis by making funny faces to grab attention. She was seen wearing a yellow glamorous evening gown, striking poses in front of the camera, and later making playful expressions by sticking out her tongue and crossing her eyes, showcasing her mischievous side.

    In terms of Fiona Sit’s early life, she revealed in a 2006 interview with the now defunct Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily that she had always been interested in singing in front of an audience since a young age. However, being the only child in her family, she had limited opportunities to perform in front of people her own age. So, she enjoyed visiting her relatives’ homes during her childhood to showcase her talent to her cousins and relatives.

    Fiona Sit attended Island School and studied Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong until 2004. She also worked as a part-time model, appearing in advertisements and magazines.

    Her chance to sign a deal with Warner Music came through her uncle, Peter Wong, who was a senior manager at Capital Artists.

    In terms of her music career, after joining Warner Music Group in 2003, Fiona Sit gained attention with her debut songs “XBF” and “Madonna’s Kiss.” Her first album, F Debut, was released on April 8, 2004, and became a best-seller in Hong Kong, receiving a gold certification for sales exceeding 25,000 copies. The album featured the popular ballad “XBF” and the hit song “Keanu Reeves Reply,” which reached No. 1 on the charts of four TV and radio stations.

    Fiona Sit also published her debut photobook, F-Trip, which was sold along with a limited set of “Fileee Dolls.” It quickly sold out within four days and was later available at Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong.

    Due to the success of F Debut, Warner Music Hong Kong released F Debut AVCD on May 5, 2004. This version included the famous song “Keanu Reeves Reply” and another version featuring Aaron Kwok as Mr. K, singing his reply to Miss F.