HK singer Eason Chan’s wife, Hilary Tsui, undergoes surgery for severe back pain due to herniated disc

    Hilary Tsui

    24th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hilary Tsui, the wife of Hong Kong’s beloved singer Eason Chan, has faced a series of unfortunate events following her husband’s recent tennis injury, which resulted in a fractured cheekbone. Tsui, an avid runner, has been dealing with chronic back pain for years and has now undergone surgery after being admitted to the hospital. She shared X-ray images on social media today, revealing the presence of spinal implants near her pelvic bone, aimed at correcting her herniated disc.

    In her social media post, Tsui candidly disclosed her struggles with the debilitating condition and her decision to undergo surgery once again. Despite a previous operation in 2022, her back pain persisted, affecting her daily life and causing intense discomfort even during simple activities like sneezing. As an incredibly active individual, Tsui had to halt her weight training and endure the agony, particularly during skiing trips that required carrying heavy equipment.

    Given the significant impact on her quality of life, Tsui’s doctor recommended a disc replacement surgery, which is expected to be one of the most crucial procedures of her life, second only to giving birth to her daughter 20 years ago. Tsui expressed her hope that the surgery would enable her to swiftly return to her beloved sports and restore her daily activities.