HK singer Eason Chan’s Chongqing concert postponed after heatstroke collapse and severe sports injury requiring over 30 stitches

    Eason Chan

    11th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Eason Chan’s Fear and Dreams World Tour concert in Chongqing, originally scheduled for 14th to 16th June and 21st -23rd June, 2024, has been postponed. The announcement came after Eason collapsed and sustained injuries while playing tennis in Hong Kong, where he suffered from heatstroke and fainted. The fall resulted in a deep chin wound that required over 30 stitches, with a fractured cheekbone visible as well.

    According to Lisa Kan, Eason’s manager, the incident occurred yesterday afternoon when Eason was playing outdoor tennis in the scorching heat. He was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment. The recovery process for the chin wound and fractured cheekbone will take time, with doctors estimating a minimum of three weeks of rest. Consequently, the Chongqing concert will be rescheduled for 2025. Shanghai Quanmo Culture and Communication Co., Ltd., the organizer of the Chongqing concert, will soon announce the details regarding the rescheduling and compensation arrangements.

    In terms of Eason’s current condition, Lisa reassured everyone that he is stable and receiving medical care. The specialized doctors who stitched his wounds expressed optimism that there would be minimal scarring and no impact on his singing ability. Eason is currently observing a period of 48 hours without speaking or eating to allow the wounds to heal properly, and additional time is needed for the fractured bone to heal. Eason’s family is by his side, providing support and care during his hospital stay.

    Despite feeling complex emotions following the injury, Eason hopes for a speedy recovery and is eager to meet his fans again. Lisa urged fans not to worry and to give Eason the necessary time to rest. She emphasised that his family is taking care of him, and they appreciate the support and understanding from his fans during this time.