HK singer Eason Chan’s cheekbone recovery requires six weeks, Foshan concert postponed

    Eason Chan

    17th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer Eason Chan, suffered an unfortunate injury during a tennis match on the Dragon Boat Festival (10th June). He collapsed due to heatstroke and sustained a fractured cheekbone, with the injury extending deep enough to expose the bone. After being rushed to the hospital, he received over 30 stitches. Last week, he had already announced the postponement of his six scheduled concerts in Chongqing this month, which would now take place next year. However, today, Eason Chan’s team released another statement stating that the six scheduled concerts in Foshan, originally planned for 12th – 14th July and 19th – 21st, will also be postponed until January 2025.

    In an official statement, it was reported that Eason Chan’s recovery progress is going well. However, after a thorough examination and assessment by the medical team, it was recommended that he undergo physical therapy during the healing period of his cheekbone. This is to ensure the restoration of normal muscle movement and mouth closure near the fractured area. The recovery period is estimated to be six weeks. To provide Eason with sufficient rest and rehabilitation time, and to ensure the quality of his future performances, the decision to postpone the concerts was made after careful consideration. The team expressed regret and apologized to the fans for any inconvenience caused.

    Eason Chan’s manager, Lisa Kan, stated, “After a week of professional treatment and attentive care by the medical team, Eason’s recovery progress is currently going well. In another couple of days, he should be discharged from the hospital and able to return home to rest. After the examination and evaluation by the doctors, it was determined that the fractured area requires natural healing, which will take about six weeks. The doctors advised Eason to give his body sufficient time to rest and undergo physical therapy for a complete and unaffected recovery, ensuring the quality of his future performances.”

    Lisa mentioned that Eason’s mental state is currently in good condition, and the stitches on his wound have been removed. She said, “We want him to fully recover before returning to perform. The doctors have done an excellent job in suturing the wound, which now appears as a faint line. Currently, he can only consume liquid foods such as porridge and soft, mashed items like winter melon, eggs, and minced meat. This allows the fractured area of the cheekbone to rest as much as possible and await natural healing. (Has he lost weight?) He has only slimmed down slightly, so there’s no need to worry. His mental and physical condition is fine, but he should avoid biting hard foods and try not to speak too much.”

    Regarding the concert postponement and the disappointment and inconvenience caused to affected fans, Lisa sincerely apologized and asked for understanding. The organisers will announce the details of the rescheduled dates and compensation arrangements in due course. Lisa added, “Fear and Dreams, along with Eason’s team, sincerely appreciate the continuous support and concern from all the fans. Life, just like the theme of a concert, consists of both fear and dreams. After darkness, dawn will surely come. We hope you patiently await Eason’s full recovery. Eason and the performance team look forward to meeting everyone again in the best possible condition.”