HK singer Eason Chan may need to compensate up to HK$71m after unilaterally terminating contract with Adidas over Xinjiang cotton issue


    29th March 2021 – (Hong Kong) Recently, many international brands have refused to use Xinjiang cotton due to “human rights issues,” triggering a full-scale boycott by the mainland. Xu Guixiang, a spokesman for the regional government of Xinjiang, told reporters that a company should not politicise its economic behaviour and said H&M won’t be able to make money anymore in the Chinese market because of its statement. Elijan Anayat, another Xinjiang government spokesman, said during the briefing that Chinese people do not want the products of companies such as H&M and Nike that have boycotted Xinjiang’s cotton. He invited companies to take trips to the region’s cotton fields to see for themselves what is happening.

    Artists from the Greater China region have issued statements that they will cut ties with a number of brands involved and will terminate their contracts with the brands with immediate effect. Hong Kong singer, Eason Chan also announced the unilateral termination of his life-long endorsement contract with Adidas since ten years ago. It is widely rumoured that Eason may need compensate as much as 60 million yuan (about HK$71 million) for breach of contract.