HK singer Eason Chan faces disruption and disrespect from audience at Nanjing concert


    7th April 2024 – (Nanjing) Eason Chan encountered an unexpected incident during his recent concert in Nanjing on the 6th of April. The incident quickly gained attention and became a hot topic online.

    During the concert, some members of the audience reportedly gestured obscenely with their middle fingers towards Chan and even demanded that he perform the song “Under Mt. Fuji.” These disturbances disrupted his performance, forcing him to immediately turn his back to the audience to compose himself. News of the incident quickly spread on microblogging platforms, with numerous posts discussing the “Nanjing concert audience” behaviour.

    In footage captured during the concert, Eason Chan can be seen singing his hit song “Ren Wo Xing” while facing away from the audience. Although there were moments when he appeared to consider turning back to face the crowd, he ultimately chose to continue performing with his back turned.

    The disrespectful behaviour of some audience members has drawn widespread criticism from netizens. Many expressed their discontent, stating that it was unnecessary to express their dissatisfaction by gesturing obscenely or making unreasonable demands. Such actions were seen as lacking basic courtesy, and people believe that concertgoers should strive to be respectful and considerate. Numerous netizens left messages of support for Eason Chan, urging him to quickly regain his composure and not allow the negative atmosphere to overshadow his performance.